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Information about betting at more than 50 US horse tracks.

Information about betting at more than 25 dog tracks.

Information about betting at more than 25 harness tracks.

Information on Jai Alai betting action from the fronton.

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Betting Help

How To Improve Your Betting

Most long term winners on the horses, greyhounds and jai alai say they make their money from studying the form and reading about their specialist betting area.

At Totebet we recommend the following sites for form study:

Books on US horseracing we recommend include:

Washington Post columnist Andrew Beyer has written four books about betting on American horseracing and he is widely regarded as one of the leading authorities on US horse betting. He is the originator of Beyer Speed Figures.

His books are:

  • The Winning Horseplayer
  • Beyer on Speed
  • Picking Winners
  • Speed to Spare

Betting Types

Find out about the types of Bet for Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing and Harness Racing.

Minimum bet amounts vary and are enforced by the individual tracks. Most pools are $1 or $2 minumum, but many tracks also offer $0.10 superfectas and $0.50 on certain other pool types.

View our betting types page.