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Information about betting at more than 50 US horse tracks.

Information about betting at more than 25 dog tracks.

Information about betting at more than 25 harness tracks.

Information on Jai Alai betting action from the fronton.

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Betting Help

One of the first thing to study are the types of bets. We have a page dedicated to these types of bets from the usual win, place and show to the more unusual trifectas, superfectas and pick-3s.

Most long term winners on the horses, greyhounds and jai alai say they make their money from studying the form and reading about their specialist betting area.

View the betting help page to get more ideas on how to improve your betting.

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Totebet is a horse racing, harness and greyhound racing betting portal that promotes 100% legal betting services for those industries.

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Responsible Gaming

For most of us, gambling is just a bit of fun that we can enjoy any time, but a small percentage of players might be underage or might have let gambling become the main focus in their life.

Even though Totebet does not directly offer any gambling services we still suggest you take a look at our responsible gaming section.